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By Advanced Dental Concepts
May 11, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dentures  

If your dentist has recommended full or partial dentures as a way of replacing your natural teeth, you probably have a few questions about them. Dr. Richard Hopgood of Advanced Dental Concepts in Andover, Massachusetts answers a few of the questions he hears most Denturesfrequently about dentures.

What's the process of getting dentures?

Crafting and fabricating removable dentures usually takes a few weeks and 4 to 5 appointments at your Andover dentist's office. Computer-generated 3D images of your mouth are taken with a handheld device in order to get the most accurate fit. The way your upper and lower jaws fit together when you bite will also be recorded. Before your dentures are finished, you'll try the denture plate on to make sure it fits properly. After all that, you'll wear your new teeth - and a new smile - out of the office.

How will I look with dentures?

In decades past, dentures could be conspicuous and artificial-looking. Since Dr. Hopgood uses only the most updated technology available, your dentures will be crafted with color and shape variations that look very similar to natural teeth. With the dentures in place, your facial muscles will be better supported, which will likely give you a younger, more vibrant appearance.

Will I be able to eat with my dentures in?

It will take some practice to become accustomed to eating with your dentures in place. You should begin with softer foods cut into small pieces and try to chew on both sides of your mouth to prevent the dentures from shifting. After a while, you will be able to gradually return to a regular diet. You will probably want to avoid foods that are excessively sticky or hard to prevent damage to your dentures.

Dr. Richard Hopgood and his highly-trained staff are prepared to answer any and all questions you may have about wearing dentures. Contact the office in Andover today to learn more about how dentures can restore your smile!