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By Advanced Dental Concepts
July 22, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: chipped tooth  

Chipped ToothFind out how to properly care for a chipped tooth to protect your smile from further damage.

You couldn’t wait for lunchtime to roll around. Unfortunately, during your satisfying lunch break you heard a loud crunch, and that sound wasn’t coming from those pretzels. A chipped tooth can happen for a number of reasons and not just from chomping down on hard foods. If you are suffering from a chipped tooth your Andover dentist knows what to do to treat it.

What can cause a tooth to chip?

Enamel at the edges of your tooth is a bit more fragile than the rest of the tooth and can chip off when a certain amount of impact is involved. This is usually the case with front teeth since they are more prominent and are usually in the direct line of impact. When back teeth chip this is typically the result of eating hard foods like candy or meat that contains bones.

Sometimes only a bit of enamel chips off and while it doesn’t look appealing it won’t cause discomfort. But if a chipped tooth also becomes sensitive to extreme temperatures or air then the inner layer of the tooth may be exposed. This requires prompt medical attention.

When should I see my Andover dentist?

Whenever you experience a chipped tooth you should always see your Andover dentist Dr. Richard Hopgood for medical attention. Even if the crack isn’t causing any issues now we will still want to be aware of your situation so we can monitor it carefully. We may also want to perform X-rays to determine whether there has been damage sustained to the roots of the tooth.

However, if you aren’t experiencing discomfort or other symptoms then there is no need to stress out. This isn’t a medical emergency. Schedule an appointment with us and in the meantime monitor your mouth to check for signs that an infection has formed, such as the presence of an abscess.

What should I do for my chipped tooth before seeing the dentist?

If a chipped tooth is sharp or uncomfortable than apply a piece of sugar-free gum over it. We don’t recommend trying to file down the tooth on your own. Your Andover dentist can do it when you come in for treatment. In the meantime, stay away from hard or crunchy foods and opt for softer foods to protect your tooth from further damage.

If a large piece of your tooth has been chipped off, place it either in a glass of milk or hold it under your tongue and then come into our office right away. We can typically bond the chipped piece back on your tooth and make it look good as new.

If you are experiencing a chipped tooth then it’s time to call your Andover dentist to schedule an appointment. Call Advanced Dental Concepts today.