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By Advanced Dental Concepts
March 16, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

If you have ever looked at your smile and wish it was different, you might benefit from a cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve its teeth whiteningappearance. These procedures can boost your confidence and give you a smile you love and feel proud of. One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth whitening, takes only about an hour at a single appointment and can drastically change your smile. Find out more about teeth whitening with Dr. Richard Hopgood at Advanced Dental Concepts in Andover, MA.

How does teeth whitening keep my smile white?
Whitening treatments rely on the chemical reactions which occur between the whitening agents and the stains and discolorations on your teeth. The whitening agents break the bonds holding the molecules of the stain together, dissipating the stain and giving your teeth a whiter appearance.

Is teeth whitening permanent?
Teeth stain on two levels, the extrinsic level (outer layer) or the intrinsic level (inner layer). Intrinsic staining comes from things like trauma to the tooth, using certain medications, or too much fluoride. Extrinsic staining occurs on the teeth’s enamel and occurs due to outside elements coming into contact with your tooth. These outside factors often include darkly-colored beverages like coffee or soda, tobacco use or eating darkly-pigmented foods like berries. The only way to avoid stained teeth is to avoid the stain-causing factors altogether. Since this is not always feasible, most teeth whitening patients get touch up whitening appointments once or twice a year to clear up any new staining which may have occurred since their last session.

Teeth Whitening Procedures in Andover, MA
Your whitening procedure occurs right in your dentist’s office and is a quick and easy visit which will last about an hour. Your dentist will place the whitening gel onto the teeth and aim a special light at the teeth to help in the whitening process. After your treatment, you will notice immediate results and have zero downtime, meaning you can get right back to your daily activities like school or work.

For more information on teeth whitening, please contact Dr. Hopgood at Advanced Dental Concepts in Andover, MA. Call (978) 475-2431 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Hopgood today!