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By Advanced Dental Concepts
February 12, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dentures  

Find out how this traditional tooth replacement can make you feel more confident in your smile.

Despite all of the tooth replacement options out, there are many reasons why people dealing with tooth loss turn to our Andover, MA, dentist Dr. Richard Hopgood to receive dentures. After all, just about anyone is a good candidate for dentures and they can get their new teeth fairly quickly.

Dentures are false teeth that sit on a foundation that is made to resemble gum tissue. The two main types of dentures are: full and partial.

About Full and Partial Dentures

Full dentures are offered to patients who are missing all of their teeth. This type of denture is custom-fitted to your mouth so that when they sit on top of the gums the layer of saliva between the dentures and your gums causes the false teeth to naturally suction to your gums to stay in place. Most patients also opt for denture adhesives to hold their full dentures in place, especially when eating.

Partial dentures are used when a patient still has some healthy natural teeth left, and this prosthetic may either be fixed or removable. Our Andover, MA, family dentist can help you determine which type of partial dentures are right for you. To get a fixed partial, our dental team will need to make sure that the teeth surrounding the gap are strong enough to support your false teeth.

Immediate Dentures

While most dentures are custom-fitted to your mouth, immediate dentures are the only ones that aren’t. This is because these dentures are placed the very same day that teeth are extracted so a patient doesn’t have to go without teeth. Immediate dentures are not considered a long-term tooth replacement option; they are only used while we give your gums time to heal. Once gums have fully healed then your permanent dentures will be fabricated, customized, and fitted to your mouth.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If your jawbone is strong enough to support implants then our dentist may recommend placing dental implants to hold your dentures in place. Whether you are still deciding if dentures are right for you or you are already wearing full dentures, it’s never too late to get implants to support your false teeth.

Implants can secure your false teeth in place so they never move around, helping them function more like real teeth. While it will take months to get a dental implant, it can last a lifetime and fully restore chewing, biting, and speaking.

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