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By Advanced Dental Concepts
August 23, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canal  

Root canals not only end pain but also help you avoid tooth loss. During a root canal, your dentist will remove your pulp, clean and shape the interior of your tooth, and restore it with a rubber-based filling material.

You should visit your Andover, MA, dentist, Dr. Richard Hopgood of Advanced Dental Concepts, if you notice any of these signs and symptoms:

Your tooth hurts A cavity isn't the only cause of a toothache. Your tooth may also hurt if the soft pulp at the center of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected. Pain due to an inflammation or infection can be severe and throbbing when you need a root canal, but that's not always the case. At first, the pain may be mild or might come and go. As the inflammation or infection worsens, you will notice more intense or continual pain.

You have sore gums The inflammation or infection deep inside your tooth may also cause the gums surrounding the tooth to become inflamed. Your gums may be red, tender, and swollen if you need a root canal.

Eating has become unpleasant Tooth sensitivity is a common symptom of an infected or inflamed tooth. Every time you eat or drink a hot, cold, or sugary food or beverage, your pain may get worse. Pain may even last as long as 30 minutes after you finish your meal or drink.

You've had multiple dental procedures Your root canal risk can increase if you've had more than one dental procedure on the same tooth.

Your tooth doesn't look the same Darkening of your tooth could be due to an inflammation or infection. Be sure to get in touch with your dentist at the Andover, MA, dental office to schedule an appointment if you notice a change in tooth color.

You're in pain and don't feel so great You'll need a root canal if you have a bacterial infection called an abscess. Without emergency treatment, the infection could spread throughout your body. Symptoms of an abscess may include fever, swollen lymph nodes, tooth pain, pus, a bump on the gums, or facial swelling.

Protect your smile with a root canal! Call your dentist in Andover, MA, Dr. Hopgood of Advanced Dental Concepts, at (978) 475-2431 to schedule your appointment.