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Patient Testimonials

" Our family has been patients of Dr. Hopgood for over 20 years.   We have always respected his professionalism, appreciated his well run office, and valued his continuing education to be conversant in thelatest techniques.  Our grandson will soon be the newest member of our family to become a patient of Dr. Hopgood."Suellen and Wyley R

My family and I came from Russia 20 years ago with poor English and sad looking teeth.Finding a dentist was very challenging for us in the new life, among other overwhelming experiences that every new immigrant can affirm.Finding and choosing Dr. Hopgood as our dentist was one of the best things that happen to us.  He offered to us his skills, professionalism, patience and understanding, dealing with our inexperience, poor language and uneasy health situation. We felt safe, we felt like being in good and caring hands. It’s soon became obvious that Dr. Hopgood loves his profession and he is very capable of dealing with any challenge.Over the years we moved several times around Boston area, but kept coming to Dr. Hopgood. I admit, we thought of finding a dentist that is closer and convenient, but every time we still called his office for an appointment.Here is a real testamonial; my husband and I are driving 40 miles each way from Franklin, MA to Andover for our appointments with Dr. Hopgood. Also I’d like to add my appreciation to the highly trained professionals and friendly people that work with Dr. Hopgood.   Yelena Z

Dr. Hopgood has provided extensive dental care to us for a number of years.  We have never felt discomfort during or after any procedure!  Dr. Hopgood and his staff are a pleasure to interact with.  We recommend Dr. Hopgood's services without hesitation--Karl and Betsy, Andover, MA

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hopgood for many years.  During that time I’ve referred friends and co-workers to him because of the quality of his work.I’ve had root canals, crowns and general dental work done.  He and his staff make me so comfortable that I usually fall asleep while he’s working on me. I highly recommend Dr. Hopgood to anyone that is looking for a first class dentist.  Mary W

I first met Dr. Hopgood about 20 years ago with a toothache that needed a root canal.  I choose him because I liked the friendly homey sign in his driveway.  Turned out to be the right chose!  He is thorough, dedicated and meticulous to a fault.  He and his staff are always professional and friendly and truly care about each and every patient; to the extent of calling on weekends and in the evenings to check on you after a procedure.  I have moved out of the area and would not consider going anywhere else!  Julie G

I have been a patient of Dr. Hopgood for over 10 years.  On my first visit, I remember how impressed I was with the state of the art technology used for diagnosis and treatment and the professionalism of all his staff.  In those years, I was never quite happy with my smile, but did not feel it was a priority for me to address until 3 years ago.  Never once did the staff try to persuade me to do something about it.  I mentioned to the hygienist that I was interested in having an assessment to determine the best option to cosmetically correct the sizing of 2 upper front teeth that were disproportionate to the rest.  Dr. Hopgood took the time to review the situation and explained the options which resulted in a gameplan that would require a series 3 of visits, 2-3 weeks with temporaries and no option to turn around!  I must admit, I was nervous.  Dr. Hopgood showed me a plaster model of how my teeth would look with the new veneers, took the time to call me at home the evening of 1 visit to insure that I had no discomfort and was meticulous with every step in the process.  After a couple weeks, I had a beautiful smile that was perfect for me!  I would recommend Dr. Hopgood to anyone. Colette L

I have been a patient of Dr Hopgood for over 25 years, during that time he and his staff has, without any doubt, been more than terrific. In addition to my wife and I, our three daughters and their families( 6 grand children) all use Dr. Hopgood, one of which is out of state. My oldest grandson is a 2nd. year student at UNH and still sees Dr. Hopgood.He is an amazing dentist that always takes his time with all his patients, explaining all procedures in detail. He is, along with his staff, professional, friendly, competent, and will go to any lengths to make his patients feel comfortable.Over the years I have recommended Dr. Hopgood's office to many friends and neighbors. I have the utmost confidence in him otherwise why would I let him take care of my grandchildren's dental hygiene?I can honestly say each visit, as dentist visits go, to his office always ends as a truly good experience. Tom D

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hopgood for over twenty years and am pleased to highly recommend him to anyone. He and his very professional staff can be counted on at all hours to take care of any dental issues. I'm particularly appreciative of the fact that he has always immediately seen any visiting family member or friend with dental concerns. Simply put, Dick Hopgood is a great and caring dentist."  Jack G

We have been living in Andover for almost 19 years and have beenpatients of Dr. Hopgood the entire time. Dick and his staff are truly fabulous - they always provide the best of care. He has even opened the office after hours for emergencies - checking on our son when he took a hardball in the mouth or pulling a stubborn baby tooth!! Not one of our three children has ever had a cavity...In my experience, being a patient of Dr. Hopgood and his staff has been a true pleasure. Janet A

I was searching for a laser gum treatment for myself.... I had not been to the dentist in many, many years due to fear and pain of dentists. My gums were bleeding and my teeth were loose and I didn't want my teeth to fall out.  I found Dr. Hopgood's website and was impressed with his credentials and the all the dental treatments he offers.  I made the appointment and explained my fears of dental work and wanted to keep my teeth.  After a detailed exam a plan to perform the PerioLase® therapy gum treatments were discussed, as well as, several other issues to address.  I put all my confidence in Dr. Hopgood and one year later I am living proof that Dr. Hopgood's expertise and work performed on my gums and teeth to fix decay and alignments in my mouth have given me back healthy gums and stronger teeth .  I learned how caring and dedicated Dr. Hopgood's staff is and they work together very well as a team.   We have often joked I could be the poster person that shows getting the proper treatments can help you keep your teeth.  Lastly, you are the only one that can help you keep your teeth so I am doing extra steps every night so I keep my teeth for as long as possible.  Gale R